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DABROmusic was originally founded on the 21st of December 2012 as a record label focused on Drum and Bass music culture. In 2015 DABROmusic record label turned into a Factory for the production of EDM, Electronic and Bass Music samples and vocal-packs, VST/AU Synth presets, DAW Project Templates. 

Ed Rush

The sounds in this are great and are of a very high standard with modern production the main focus here. There are some useful kicks and snares included in the pack but what really makes this pack special is the serum presets. They are excellent as a source of inspiration when adding synthesis to your projects.

Martijn [Noisia]

Very well done complete pack of the harder sounds, without losing sight too much of the musical element. Interesting to see that this is being called “Hard EDM” as it mostly leans on DNB, but I guess it’s a nice introduction to that side of the electronic music spectrum 🙂

Document One

Possibly one of the best packs i’ve heard all year! this sample is heavy to the point that you must start making music straight away. The beats a pro sounding and very inspiring, whilst the basslines are well textured phat monsters in there own right!!! I love music elements and pads, the pack is one of which that keeps giving.

Lenny Dee

EDMBOX is a very creative sample collection featuring totally sick Beat Boxing. Unlike other packs this collection offers DNB, Dubstep and House producers a fierce selection of mouth breaks which can be used and mangled in these popular styles like never before. The tempo ranges are on point for each style,The patterns are really dope and offer tons of inspiration. I think this collection is a must have for modern producers looking for some fresh and creative samples to incorporate in remixes, production and just have fun. Beat Boxing is nothing new, but this pack kicks off in super modern way and cannot be over looked. The samples are a bit clicky, and very processed but should not pose any real problems in your next session or remix.

Need For Mirrors

Finally a pack that screams NFM golden age beats. Im a huge hiphop head and this pack suited me perfectly vintage vibes. you have 3 folders of loops, music bass and drums plus bass hits, drum, fx midid some great multi bass and synth stabs. Simple and to the point

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Best Royalty Free Music Samples And Sounds

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