Bass House Samples #5

We are happy to present deep and heavy Bass House loops & samples. Bass House Vol.5 pack breathes sound design and passion and is inspired by the new age of Bass House.

Deeper and heavier – as we know from the latest hits from the BASS HOUSE movement.

This pack is breathing sound design and passion. We were inspired by the new age of Bass House. The mission of this pack is bringing inspiration and lots of fun to you. Drag and drop ready… steady, go! Our team loves analog synths, so here you will find a variety of textures from them. All sounds are suitable for other bass genres.

Bring the noizzz!

Sick synths and many different deep hard bass hits and loops are included, inspirational melody loops are ready to fill the whole frequency spectrum of your tunes. Everything about rhythm, drum, top, and percussion loops are charged with punchy energy and will help you to create new beats, no doubt about it. SFX, voices and single drum hits are cooked with the same juicy sauces. Don’t forget about the 10 DAW Templates: 5 for Ableton Live 10.0.6 and 5 for Bitwig 2.5. All templates can be used without external VST’s and you will find Audio Effect Rack alternative FX Chain with Ableton Live effects only within this pack. Also, some templates have bounced WAV copies of the whole Instrument Track inside the project. Totally flexible, ready to rock!

DAW Templates Info!

Some of Ableton templates use external plugins.

You can use all templates without external VST’s. You’ll find inside the Audio Effect Rack alternative FX Chain with Ableton Live effects only. Also, some templates have bounced WAV copies of whole Instrument Track inside project. All tracks are matched by name.

For your information, here the list of all third party plugins used:

  • Xfer Records: Serum, Dimension Expander, LFOTool, OTT
  • Massive by Native Instruments
  • VPS Avenger by Vengeance
  • FabFilter Pro-Q 2, FabFilter Pro-Q3
  • MSED by Voxengo
  • CamelPhat 3 by Camel Audio
  • Clip and Gain Reduction Deluxe by Joey Sturgis Tones
  • Vacuum Pro by AIR Music
  • Exciter 8 by iZotope
  • Haas by kiloHearts

In detail expect to find 2.36 GB of content with 989 individual 24 Bit WAV files. 233 Loops with 40 Drum Loops, 40 Top Loops, 40 Kick and Snare Loops, 40 Music Loops, 52 Bass Loops. 257 Hits are included with 67 Bass Hits, 11 Synth Hits, 12 Vocal Phrases, 142 Drum Hits, 25 SFX, and 47 WAV Stem Files.

Proper dancefloor stuff, here to hype your crowd. Get creative and mangle these bad boys up.

• 2.36 GB
• 120 – 126 BPM
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit
• 52 Bass Loops
• 40 Music Loops
• 40 Drum Loops
• 22 FX Drum Loops
• 40 Kick Snare Loops
• 39 Top Loops
• 50 MIDI
• 67 Bass Hits
• 11 Synth Hits
• 142 Drum Hits
• 25 SFX
• 12 Vocal Phrases
• 11 WAV Kits (47 Stem Files)
• 26 Serum Presets
• 5 Ableton Live 10.0.6 Templates
• 5 Bitwig Studio 2.5 Templates

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