//The ‘Drum And Bass Samples #1’ arsenal for dancefloor wars across the globe. Inspired by Pendulum, James Ford, Mefjus, Optical & Ed Rush//

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DABROmusic delivers the ‘Drum And Bass Samples #1’ arsenal for dancefloor wars across the globe. Arm yourself now with this mass variation of heavy weaponry loops and individual hits. Suited across many genres from drumstep and D&B to glitch hop, dubstep, breaks, edm an others.

Inspired by the likes of Pendulum, James Ford, Mefjus, Optical & Ed Rush fusing together the oldschool darker minimal style with the regularly updated savagery Neurofunk debauchery we have today.

This pack doesn’t disappoint, simply put, this really is a disturbed hornets nest on the rampage. Fully loaded with ruff breaks, speaker shattering basslines, mind twisting FX, modulated warping leads, harsh rave style stabs, high energy synthlines, supersaw Reece based synths, spacious ambience, heart pounding drum loops, expertly timed sequenced elements to body shaking wobbles, hypnotising percussions to more sick content than you favourite horror film. Everything you hear is complete and ready to throw in your existing tracks or to create something from scratch. Use the sounds included in this pack to be creative and push the envelope on the future sound of DNB.

It’s a new year, so where looking to bring something fresh to the table. Let your imagination be your only limitation. “DNB Sample Pack” is suitable for all harder levels of Bass Music, predominantly but not limited to DnB, Neuro, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Drumstep or anything you like, these are merely guidelines. This pack will have all the ingredients you so wish desire to create that big loud, punchy banger. This ones bound to keep the ravers dancing from dusk till dawn. From all of us at DABRO, we wish you every success on destroying dancefloors up and down the world.

In detail expect to find loops and one shot sounds recorded at tempos of 87 -174 BPM including 119 Bass Loops, 85 Drum Loops, 44 Top Loops, 116 Music Loops, 134 Drum Hits, 64 Bass Hits, 40 Synth Hits, 10 Vocal Loops, 38 SFX Hits,10 Multi Sampled Bass Instruments, 10 Multi Sampled Synth Instruments, 111 MIDI Files.

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Document One
Document One
Drum & Bass DJ, producer and engineer
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A great selection of drums & bass samples and plus everything in between. WE love the drum hits and grooves, the loops are fantastic and ready to use out the box. Its rare that you find a sample pack with both heavy bass lines and inspiring musical elements. This is a truly gut busting combination of hits along with many a exciting sounds to get you creating straight away.
Zombie Cats
Zombie Cats
Drum & Bass DJ, producer and engineer
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DABRO never disappoints! Also this time DABRO shows his excellence in sounddesign. The Bass is powerfull and is well ballanced. It is close to be impossible not being creative with these samples. Also the drums are just great! DARBRO is one of greatest sources if you are looking for quality Drum and Bass music samples. To put it in a nutshell: This pack is a MUST-HAVE!
Celt Islam
Celt Islam
DUB DJ, producer and engineer
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Wicked producers package well armed with the best of the commercial side of Drum and Bass and ideal for any DnB artist or DJ! The Drums are a treat! And the basses are a real delight to play with. This is a perfect introduction for beginners in DnB production!

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