DABROmusic Techno music samples, loops and sounds are crafted for seamless use with improvisatory production techniques and the treatment of the electronic music studio as one large instrument.

Techno is a bit like an abstract painting: it is an impressionistic interpretation of the Funk groove inspired by futuristic visions, nihilistic views, electronic circuits, or the networks of the inner mind. It is the most introverted of all super-genres – the quiet thinker – who likes to fiddle with technology until the wee hours of the morning. More than anything else, Techno is the father of all electronic Dance. Together with House, it gave offspring to countless genres. Originally, Techno was more sociologically constrained than nowadays. Within Detroit, Techno was meant for the lower class citizens where Garage House was rather meant for upper class. House was fashion/design/hipster, whereas Techno was industrial/sweaty/funky. Although this chasm quickly faded when EDM landed in Europe, the spirit of the hardworking blue collar man still resonates deep within Techno’s soul.