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Trap evolves strongly: it crosses so much over into electronic dance music that there is barely anything Hip-Hop left. It also becomes faster, reaching a bpm of 140, outside of the normal Rap spectrum. This new type of Breakbeat proves so successful that a new, instrumental EDM genre emerges. Listening to the same name, it can be hard to separate these two genres (Trap Rap and the newer EDM Trap, which is also referred to as Trapstep because of the fusion with Dubstep). The difference between these two “traps” is large though. Trapstep uses only electronic (mainly computer-based) sounds, no turntables, and it has no rap lyrics or R&B samples. Trapstep is dancefloor DJ music, not Rap music. Due to the absence of lyrics, Trapstep focuses a lot more on the drop: the energy is strongly tangible in the build-up, which is often prolongued. The drop itself is as climatic as possible and consists of very deep synth basslines.